While it likes to portray itself as being a bastion of free speech, defending identity politics, freedom of the internet and revelations about corruption the opposite is increasingly true. So in this silly season summertime special we take a look at what’s going on down at the Patsy Patch20160405_paper


It probably comes as no surprise that in its rapid Americanisation the Guardian has descended into the realms of unintended self parody and fact free opinion pieces. Often its op-ed’s are dressed lightly up as news sometime they don’t both they just present opinion as if it were factual analysis. However some people must wonder that with their incessant “Russia bashing” things may have gone a little beyond parody, especially when you consider their pandering to the usual run of the mill Team GB sports fan who may not be considered the sharpest knife in the drawer. Down on the comments sections which are not often allowed at Ground Graun normally these days they are infested with the well nurtured Graun’s Home Grown Trolls, or Trolleys as I like to think of them. It appears things have gone a little south of Langley lately.

The recent Russia bashing dog and pony show which kicked off around the CIA inspired FBI managed FIFA affair. To the Man from L.A.N.G.L.E the Graun loves to say yes! So it comes as no surprise that they should go along with such a stupidly contrived scenario by blaming corruption and fraud on Putin and the Russian’s for winning the chance to host the 2018 World Cup. Especially when everyone knows football is inherently corrupt and FIFA is even more so. So this as well as with the doping ban fiasco meme we can clearly see its the beginning of the poodle running season at Langley Farm. So let’s go back a little for now, remember the Sochi Olympics which had their dose of US holier than thou abstentionism followed by a CIA orchestrated Coup sorry, “Colour Revolution” in Ukraine. All cheered on by the Guardinista hacks as the new “liberal” corporate media mouthpiece for Washington group think. Amazingly instead of blaming the real instigators, the US government, they blamed it on Russia’s president Putin, even old Auntie Beeb managed initially to report that the Neo Nazi Azov were busy wreaking havoc in the streets of Kiev with their dubious fascist links to the antics of John McCain and Vicky “Toria” Nuland and her shake and bake Maidan mantra. I can’t help wondering when, why or how the Rio Olympics will be used to kick off some other CIA terror ops? Something must be in the pipeline it’s only a matter of time especially when the contract for the security at the games managed to be awarded to an Israeli company. Clearly Mossad will be running around somewhere, let the games commence…

This summer there has also been more sport hysteria in the Graun as elsewhere in the WMSM, remember The European Cup and the Russian football fans? How we were told they were really FSB trained agents sent to France on some kind mission to wreak havoc among the touchy feely Brexit British fans? So baring this in mind let’s skip on to the so called “Doping Scandal” which truly took a dope to believe it as cheating, fixing and fraud have been central to sporting activity since, well since forever. If you don’t believe me ask any bookie! In this further case there was a report especially chased out of the starting blocks and unfortunately solely based on the say so of two Russian culprits who the Russian’s were looking to prosecute for fixing and fraud in athletics at home. They suddenly decided to holiday stateside and turn Uncle Sam’s witness as bonafide whistle-blowers, which had nothing to do with saving their own skins at home. Don’t be silly? Well I suppose it is the silly season… So what does this shows us that the capacity for critical thinking of the average Team GB sports fan or Graun hack maybe somewhat limited in not grasping this piece of sporting chicanery? Such minor observations which the Graun seems to regard as, well, irrelevant. So they happily went along with the call for total ban for all Russian Athletes, undoubtedly after a phone call from down Langley way and the ruckus fanned by the Graun’s hacks and home grown Trolls is still rumbling on.

Within all this sporting madness let’s not forget the strange case of Maria Sharapova, a Russian living in America, who fell afoul of the US/CIA/FBI incessant interference in anything to do with Russia and sport? She said she was taking the drug Meldonium before it was banned and for health reasons, on the advice of her doctor over a 10-year period. But the tribunal found that while she did not intentionally contravene anti-doping rules, Sharapova was responsible for the substance being in her system at the Australian Open, and for failing to notice that it had been added to the banned list one month earlier in January. So she was banned anyway, but has continued to be backed by her sponsors who appear to believe it was all a set-up.

And there’s the smiley one, Natalie Nougayrède, whose grip on reality is so tenuous that even the usual army of Putin hating Guardio trolleys if allowed off the leash seem to steer clear of commenting on her outrageous claims. She wrote the other day that “…as Russia’s bombers hammer Aleppo’s besieged population in what could be the most decisive battle of Syria’s civil war [my emphasis added], consider this as another piece to the puzzle of Putin’s mind” A total fabrication of the facts about Syria supplemented with her ingrained hatred/racism for anything Putin/ Russian. The battle for Aleppo where the opposite is the case, where civilians are being bombed by the US armed oh so very moderate opposition head chopping Jihadists, but it gets published in the Graun anyway. But Natalie has not gone to Syria to report on it, some might say to put her own neck where her mouth is. Well that would be really silly wouldn’t it even she clearly knows that these moderate non-jihadist types are prone to a little sabre rattling!

But if you really want to witness the full force of Guardian abuse and racism just make your way to the Olympic Games comments and there you will find that the mods don’t give a dam when someone is criticizing Russia with whatever idiotic thing they may choose to say. Yet as we have witnessed many commenters’ have been moderated and banned from the Graun not for being abusive but for criticising their editorial regurgitation of Washington produced blatant misinformation. We might be forgiven for expecting that the hacks at the Graun could manage to cobble together some kind of balanced narrative about Russia, Putin etc., but they now don’t even both with that. Luke Harding’s Putin in the Panama Papers was a perfect example of the faked news which is churned out without a care for its validity. There was no connection between him and the western run and organised tax haven, but why let something like the truth get in the way of salacious slander. Of course it’s not just sloppiness is it? It’s actual psyops orientated perception management at work courtesy of the Man from L.A.N.G.L.E.Y and we all know the Graun loves to say YES!.