Ukraine: the Fake News before the Storm


Ukraine as with Syria the WMSM is complicit in providing fake news stories as cover for more war

The situation in Ukraine is bad and many seasoned observers see serious conflict imminent, one which may draw Russia onto a direct confrontation with NATO and therefore the US. A civil war at the centre of Europe which has been simmering for almost 3 years is about to erupt again dragging in the two opposing blocks, Russia and the largely US funded NATO into a potential confrontation. Meanwhile the WMSM happy to be the harbinger of double speak, does nothing other than fan the flames of geopolitical discontent with disinformation, distraction and lies. What they like to call “Fake News”, when berating other independent sources of information, but like the boy who cried wolf many people and independent sources see through their subterfuge and refuse to parrot the bought and paid for Washington consensus line. The trouble with the narrative by omission approach adopted by the Guardian and a host of WMSM outlets is that it fails to hide some glaring contradictions, the paramount one being Ukraine is not a NATO member. The other reasons being being Russia has not invaded Ukraine and Poroshenko did not come to power as a result of an attempted Russian intervention there.

In the last few weeks there have been a growing number of increasingly spurious reports linking Trump to Putin and Russia to everything else bad in a flurry of new and regurgitated false narratives of fake news.

Here are just a few examples of faked-up news headline helping the process of myth making along from the Guardian, most of which is available across a wide range of establishment outlets:

Donald Trump repeats respect for ‘killer’ Putin in Fox Super Bowl interview

No case for relaxation of Russia sanctions, Boris Johnson to tell EU

Ukraine clashes leave several dead and test Trump’s Russia stance

It’s been a smorgasbord in the WMSM of crazed news with no foundation in truth or even reality. But that doesn’t matter; the main aim has been to get headlines onto the front pages and across the internet to soften up the populations of the UK Europe and the US for potential war between the US/ NATO and Russia which has been planned for some considerable time, well before the ousting of Ukraine’s democratically elected president Yanukovych. Beware the Putin Trump link, if there ever was one, it is purely a distraction as the real action is already in motion in Ukraine a frozen conflict which is about to erupt again. All of this is an attempt, no doubt, to bounce Trump to the defence of Ukraine in line with the established US false narrative.

Realising that the fake news cover is out of the bag now with Trump accusing the MSM of being the worst purveyors of deception and lies; the deep state, those who were mainly backing Clinton for Presidency hoping for more war, are now calling in their dues with their illegitimate puppet President, Poroshenko. The likes of Victoria Nuland who midwived the Ukrainian coup in February 2014 may now be out the door, as far as US foreign policy is concerned for central and eastern Europe, but her legacy is still alive and kicking thanks to John (mad cap) McCain and of course NATO. It is no coincidence that McCain has recently paid one of his regular visits to Ukraine to press the flesh of those in the Pravi Sector to help keep weak Poroshenko from deviating.

It’s also of no surprise that a number of corrupt Oligarchs, US Ukrainian Diaspora and Poroshenko himself were all rooting for Clinton and even pouring money into her campaign coffers. What is strange though is that the WMSM, so bothered about foreign (in their case Russian) intervention in the US presidential race, over looked this blatant and overt attempt to swing the election outcome. A would be manipulation by a largely fascist government, illegally brought into power by US covert operations and backed by Obama and Clinton. Instead the WMSM along with the Guardian preferred the “Putin hacked the US election” meme, a complete jackanory story, but in a desperate search for credence, they readily lapped it all up as they had got the election outcome so badly wrong…

So let’s look at some of the fake and real analysis, the myths and realities.


Myth making:

Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, said during a meeting with security officials on Tuesday: “The shelling is massive. Who would dare to talk about lifting the sanctions in such circumstances?” The Guardian’s editorial line on Ukraine is straight out of the mouth of Poroshenko and echoed by Boris Johnson. Are your alarm bells ringing, they should be.

Shaun Walker reports, “Russia and the separatists initiated the violence in Avdiivka,” said the US chargé d’affaires to the OSCE, Kate Byrnes. “We call on Russia to stop the violence, honour the ceasefire, withdraw heavy weapons and end attempts to seize new territory beyond the line of contact.” Spot the myth making here? Kate Byrnes is not a member of the OSCE she is a representative of the US government – in a liaison role, Russia is not a signatory to the Minsk ll ceasefire agreement, Ukraine is and the DPR (Donetsk Peoples Republic). Russia has a monitor role along with Germany and France. Shaun Walker completely misinterprets the Role of Russia here by quoting Byrnesm, may be with intent or just by sloppy journalism? And the statement “Russia and the separatists initiated the violence in Avdiivka,” is simply not true, there has been a build up of Ukrainian military in Avdiivka which has been a creeping offensive.

Reality check:

Here are some observations by Dmitry Orlov from the beginning of the Ukrainian civil war. He wrote, “Last Thursday (28 August 2014) the Ukrainian government, echoed by NATO spokesmen, declared that the Russian military is now operating within Ukraine’s borders. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t; what do you know? They said the same thing before, most recently on August 13, and then on August 17, each time with either no evidence or fake evidence. Armed with this list, you too should be able to determine whether or not Russia has invaded Ukraine”

Top Ten Ways You Can Tell if Russia Has Invaded Ukraine


And just in case you thought the reporting of Ukraine was an isolated case there is Syria which has followed a similar course of criminal misdirection by the WMSM via fake news regarding the war there. Yet the Guardian repeats the established lies:

Myth making: Year after year, month after month, the depravity of Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been exposed more thoroughly: the systematic use of torture against opponents; the repeated deployment of barrel bombs and chemical weapons; the targeting of hospitals; the airstrike on a UN aid convoy; reports of civilians being killed on the spot as the last rebel strongholds in Aleppo fell.

Reality check: ‘The Media Coverage on Syria is the Biggest Media Lie of our Time’ — Interview with Flemish Priest in Syria

To antanaclasis the Guardian’s view: “The Syrian president is not the answer to Isis; his brutality has been a very large part of the problem” I say that, “The Guardian and WMSM reportage is not the answer to the Ukraine and Syrian problem; its brutality has been a very large part of the problem when the myth is promoted and the reality suppressed.”

Remember Libya, remember Iraq? Remember how the WMSM helped promote the fake news and false narratives for those wars?

US Slams Russia and Syria but not IS

The WMSM have carried blanket coverage of the UN Aid Convoy attack repeating US accusations blaming Russia and Syria based solely on the claims of the White Helmetsguardianwhitehelmetcapture

Spot the trucks on this video

The attack on the UN aid convoy seems to mark the end of the Syrian cease fire as the Syrian government announced it will resume attacks on IS and its various al-Qaida-linked militant factions who failed to comply with the seven day cease fire agreement brokered by the US and Russia. So far the only claim of the perpetrators of the attack comes from a video filmed by the White Helmets. The US accusations backed by no clear independent evidence comes just days after it admitted on September 18 it killed over 80 and injuring more than another 100 Syrian troops in an attack it called a mistake. A mistake which allowed IS to go immediately on the offensive and attack the city of Aleppo where not surprisingly the attack on the UN aid convoy has taken place. Churkin said the timing of the US air-strike was “frankly suspicious” as it came two days before the US and Russia were supposed under the ceasefire agreement to begin joint planning for air operations against IS and the former Nusra front, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, deemed to be terrorist groups by both states.

Further to the US admission of killing Syrian government troops in error during the ceasefire they are now attempting to spread the blame out across all western coalition partners including Britain, Denmark and Australia. This follows a common thread of continued obfuscation by the US of their war on terror in Syria which they seem to be strangely running in reverse i.e. attacking government forces and doing nothing to disable the terrorist IS forces. For months the US has found it impossible to separate its so called moderate opposition from IS terrorists/al-Nusra, al-Qaida-linked militant factions. Using this time period to target IS where possible, something you might think they would do, but instead to allow them to regroup and rearm. Very strange for warriors against terror don’t you think?

The Syrian cease-fire came into effect on September 12, 2016. Under terms of the agreement, the successful completion of seven days of calm and humanitarian aid deliveries would be followed by an ambitious second-stage plan to set up a joint U.S. Russian coordination centre to plan military strikes against IS and their various al-Qaida-linked militant factions. It appears that all this is now in jeopardy. With the sudden accusations made by US state department spokesman John Kirby who said, “The destination of this convoy was known to the Syrian regime [my emphasis] and the Russian federation and yet these aid workers were killed in their attempt to provide relief to the Syrian people.” He went on to say, “The United States will raise this issue directly with Russia. Given the egregious violation of the cessation of hostilities we will reassess the future prospects for cooperation with Russia.” It appears the US is falling back on its time honoured strategy of shoot first ask questions later which it has utilised on many occasions to manipulate opinion through false media claims.

This story pretty much verbatim has been reproduced across all the WMSM Reuters, BBC, Fox News, Aljazeera, Guardian etc. If you have not done so watch the White Helmets video and notice we are not shown any Trucks just a few bits of things we are told is aid and a burnt out car. For a more balanced sitrep and altogether different angle see this RT report.

According to Aljazeera “The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 32 people were killed in dozens of air strikes launched in and around Aleppo after the truce officially came to an end at 1600 GMT. The war monitor said that the aid lorries made a routine delivery to an area west of Aleppo city and were hit near the town of Urm al-Kubra, killing 12 people.”

Which appears to go against the statement in the same report by Staffan de Mistura, the UN Special Envoy for Syria, denounced the air raid. “Our outrage at this attack is enormous … The convoy was the outcome of a long process of permission and preparations to assist isolated civilians,” [emphasis added]

Either the convoy was the result of long preparations whose movement unfortunately coincided with the ending of the ceasefire or it was a routine delivery. Remember we are told it was the “Syrian regime” not IS who has committed this act. Remember IS are the terrorists who tend to target civilians in pursuit of their objectives.

Who are the White Helmets?

Not surprisingly again this incident which so far has not been attributed conclusively to any of the forces operating in Syria is being framed for the media by the White Helmets. As highlighted above the use by Kirby of the phrase “Syrian regime” is instructive as he is referring to the legitimate government of Syria. It is the same phrase used in the White Helmets video release; remember that the White Helmets claim to be apolitical regarding Syria claiming not to take sides.whitehelmetswebsitegrab

According to the White Helmets fund raising website they are separate from the Syrian Civil Defence but they think the SCD do amazing work. Who are they, different organisations or the same? Weird don’t you think?whitehelmetswebsitegrab2

Their Wikipedia entry states they are both the same organisation SCD and the White Helmets

It seems whoever they are, they fulfil the same function for US intelligence as Bellingcat or the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights [both nothing more than UK based bloggers in actual fact] who provide convenient content which is designed to push a readymade agenda – in other words propaganda.

To understand the connection here between the White Helmets and Aljazeera read this report written in September last year at Global Research.

Then watch the Aljazeera report on the Aid Convoy Attack.

Throughout all this blanket coverage designed to make us believe it is Russia and the Syrian Government who are to blame for this terrible event, no one has mentioned IS remember these are terrorist forces we are talking about here, terrorists who have just gone on the offensive against the Syrian Government troops in Aleppo. Is it omission by intent by the US government and their corporate media cohorts?


Commemoration of Arctic Convoy Veterans

Much of the UK media ignored the essence of the 75th commemoration of the British Arctic convoys to Russia why is this?


If people forget history they are more likely to believe the lies they are told today. With this in mind it is likely true that the current propaganda war is much greater than we care to recognise. There is probably no better example of this than when we look at the very recent omission by much of the U.K. mainstream media of the reason for the commemoration of WWII British Arctic Convoy Veterans in Russia. Described by Churchill at the time as “the worst journey in the world” during which some 3,000 servicemen lost their lives to keep our allies Russia supplied in the fight against Nazi Germany in the battle for Leningrad.

I got to thinking about this while watching a report of the commemorations being held in the Russian naval port of Arkhangelsk [Archangel] on Russian national TV’s Channel 1, shown at prime time a report by the way which was factual, respectful and certainly not propagandised. My point in writing this is that given the current level of hostile rhetoric and downright lies presented in the UK media when an actual factual opportunity arises to show Russia and the UK together in a positive light it is not surprisingly – passed over. Information about the commemoration appeared on the Gov UK website on 26th August as did a report of the said event on Russia Behind the Headlines website.  The Telegraph reported it on 29th August one of the few mainstream western media to report the event with a positive angle. Meanwhile the Guardian on the same day managed to put an all together ominous spin in an op ed piece, saying “That past deserves honour. But it does not justify the actions or the policies of Mr Putin’s regime today.” While doing this it fails completely to present the opinions of the veterans themselves, for that you will have to go to that Kremlin organ of propaganda RT.

Why might that be? It maybe that the story of our war veterans visiting a commemoration in Arkhangelsk and one in Murmansk to be attended by Princess Anne  is not so news worthy, if factual, or possibly it doesn’t fit the generally accepted narrative about Bad Russia being written in Washington and endlessly touted by the Guardian. What it does though is draw our attention to the terrible standards of media news in the U.K., a media that finds it more suitable to publish any piece of scare mongering opinion about Russia, or trash Putin in some case of complete fabrication aka. Russian submarines or Luke Harding’s Panama Papers revelations, while a commemoration of U.K. and Russian veterans’ heroism is in essence ignored. It may well be that the story is somewhat at odds with the image many of our corporate news outlets like to portray of Russia as a lawless, expansionist and criminal country, thereby furbishing the needs of US propaganda requirements by pandering to the demands of their handlers. None of this could be farther from the truth.

While doing all this we are fed hearty helpings of miss-information such as the guff in the Murdochian Times “The Kremlin is spreading disinformation through a newly opened British bureau for its Sputnik international news service, and is infiltrating elite universities by placing language and cultural centres on campuses.” Not mentioning that most news papers including the Guardian and the BBC have bureaus in Moscow and have had so for years. Does the US ambassador who utters these words not realise how idiotic he appears?

What this story does show is that in reality all of this anti-Russian promo-propaganda could not be further from the truth. In fact Russia remembering those that were prepared to lay down their lives to defeat Nazi ideology is in stark contrast to the outrageous disregard for their bravery and commitment when we read what some commentators in the U.K. media produce for publication today. By this I am thinking of the apologists of the Nazi Coup in Ukraine, and there are many, who by constantly blaming Russia are prepared to bury facts and promote pure lies to back a Ukrainian regime which honours Banderite fascists. As people who have been following the events in Ukraine will know many true stories have had to be buried in order to propagate the lies emanating from Washington through such mouth pieces as the Guardian.

On the Presidential trail – with Luke Harding

It’s another frothing yarn from the strange world of Luke Harding, the Guardian’s cobbler of Panama – tenuous links are his trade and fact free comments his game. Only pure hyperbole flows from this very expensive poison pen.

But the intrigue quickly thickens as we realise he’s not sure which president he’s on the trail of, is it Trump, Yanukovych, Putin or someone else?

Read on…

First off it’s Trump who’s in Harding’s crosshairs – the reason:

The “Trump campaign [is] reportedly instrumental in rewriting the new Republican platform to remove calls for the donation of weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel forces.”

Much to Harding’s chagrin Trump might actually be anti-war with Russia or even an FSB plant. If anyone is about fighting Russia and giving succour to the Neo-Nazi backed government in Kiev at the Graun it’s Luke with his Russophobic rhetoric and fanciful fabrications. The style as usual is crypto-pulp fiction. A racy yarn crudely drawing his readers in…

“The scene was Ostroh, western Ukraine, on the eve of parliamentary elections.

A tall figure bounded on to a stage to cheers from a crowd of elderly flag-waving supporters. They chanted: “Yan-u-kov-ych, Yan-u-kov-ych.””

Quickly he establishes his main character as Manafort a Trump campaign advisor and there is a problem with him – his years in Ukraine. This has come suddenly under scrutiny during the current US presidential campaign. Why? Well because

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign leapt on a report in the New York Times that handwritten ledgers found in the Ukraine show $12.7m in undisclosed payments to Manafort from the Party of Regions.” [underscoring added]. So the only evidence Harding is basing this entire story on appeared in another news paper and was about something “hand written” and “undisclosed”, which in plain English [or Ukrainian] means a fabrication.

There swiftly follows the mandatory links connecting the dots, with Harding establishing who the evil ones are and what their crimes have been – for the benefit of the casual uninformed reader.

“Trump’s links to Russia have raised eyebrows: Manafort’s candidate has expressed admiration for Putin, encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, and appeared unaware that Russian troops had seized the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.” 

He then fleshes out his narrative with a little sartorial whimsy…

“Manafort looked every inch the classic Washington lobbyist. He wore an expensive suit and tie and exuded seriousness. He also bore a faint physical resemblance to his client [Yanukovych] – even their hairstyles were similar.”

Just for good measure he reinforces the link to one of the villains of the piece, Yanukovych as head of the Party of Regions – who with Manafort has been clearly up to no good…

“Manafort’s efforts didn’t go entirely unnoticed. In a 2006 cable to the state department in Washington, US diplomats reported that the Party of Regions had undergone a mysterious transformation. “Long a haven for Donetsk-based mobsters and oligarchs it is in the midst of an ‘extreme makeover’,” they observed.”

Yanukovych we are now made clear was very bad [but good at DIY extreme makeovers…] and the head of a group of mobsters and oligarchs, while we are reassured the US diplomats, the good guys, were keeping an eye on the situation.

But apparently when elected president

“Yanukovych moved quickly to consolidate all instruments of power: the courts, parliament, the prosecutor’s office, the media and TV. Tymoshenko was charged with corruption and jailed; Yanukovych repeatedly shrugged off western calls for her release.”

Harding tells us this was bad ass stuff, but surprisingly he fails to comment on the coup installed US backed Poroshenko doing far worse and being the instigator of mass killings of civilians some regard as genocide.

A US backed coup which was verified by the Nuland – Pyatt telephone call which took place before and was leaked after this crucial event, yet is merely described in Harding’s pastiche as:

“In February 2014, riot police shot dead 100 people in downtown Kiev. Yanukovych abandoned his palace on the outskirts of town, Mezhyhirya – a Versailles of sorts with a pirate-themed restaurant and private zoo – and escaped to Russia.”

It is worth noting here that Yanukovych the democratically elected president of Ukraine actually had to flee for his life. It is well established now from several sources that the shooting of the 100 was not by the riot police but snipers firing on both the police and civilians from a nearby hotel; which had been commandeered by the NAZI para-military AZOV brigade. All of which Harding seems to view as inconsequential perhaps because he is not interested really in facts or in democracy especially when the purpose of his tale is smear one of the candidates in a US style democratic election.

Strangely Harding’s stylistic prevarications lead him to inadvertently admit that what happened in Ukraine was actually a disaster:

Those who worked with Manafort say that he cannot be blamed for the Ukrainian disaster.”

While managing to drag Putin into the malaise of his thickening plot again Harding fails to focus on the actual facts which inevitably are needed to make even a fiction credible. He writes that apparently a

“Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, an [sic] aluminum baron and close friend of Putin, who stumped up almost $19m. Gates, Manafort’s right-hand man, sealed the agreement in trips to Moscow.”

At last Harding has managed to catch his real nemesis, Putin, in his web of intrigue! Just as with his Panama Papers fiasco, poor Luke in his haste to entrap Putin is unable to make any credible evidence available, let alone stick to anyone. So suddenly in this parable of wrong doing he has to admit about his various villains that:

 “The trail wound through other opaque shell firms, including Cascado AG, set up by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.”

And that…

“A search of the Panama Papers leak gives [only] a few details.” 

Finally in the end he has to conclude:

“It’s unclear if Deripaska ever got his money. Either way, the episode illustrates Manafort’s personal links to figures close to Putin.”

In one last heroic flourish he tries to snare Putin… but fails. So at length he has to ramble through a whole concocted plot to arrive at…

“But Manafort’s critics in Kiev are scathing. “He’s an evil genius,” Alex Kovzhun, who spent a decade working for Tymoshenko, [so he should know about evil if not the genius bit…] beginning in 2001, said. “He doesn’t work statesmen. He works dictators and all-round bastards. He sells the unsellable product. If you have a dead horse [or donkey…?] and you need to sell it, you call him.

“He works bad guys. They pay more, of course.””

[comments added in brackets]

Luke’s finale is as hackneyed as any we have come to expect from him. While desperately trying to spin his tale he inevitably spins himself into the floor because he refuses to accept the true story which is, Putin is not out to get him neither is he the enemy and Harding himself is not at the centre of a geo-political intrigue. The real story lies outside his scope of vision.

So he ends with:

“Can Manafort work his magic one more time? “The tougher the client you have, the[sic] the greater success you get. It isn’t about the money. It’s about ambition. If he can make Yanukovych president, I’m sure he can do it with Trump.””

All of which seems to defeat the object of Harding’s extremely long winded diatribe. Except for one thing it has enabled his handlers to get out into the mass media again a false narrative of Ukraine and Putin under the pretext that Trump must be a villain!

And which president is Luke Harding really on the trail of? Well Hillary’s “campaign” trail of course!

With the New “Liberal” Corporate Media Model: Racist Comments, Home Grown Trolling and Downright Lies Propaganda is Alive and Kicking at the Graun.

While it likes to portray itself as being a bastion of free speech, defending identity politics, freedom of the internet and revelations about corruption the opposite is increasingly true. So in this silly season summertime special we take a look at what’s going on down at the Patsy Patch20160405_paper


It probably comes as no surprise that in its rapid Americanisation the Guardian has descended into the realms of unintended self parody and fact free opinion pieces. Often its op-ed’s are dressed lightly up as news sometime they don’t both they just present opinion as if it were factual analysis. However some people must wonder that with their incessant “Russia bashing” things may have gone a little beyond parody, especially when you consider their pandering to the usual run of the mill Team GB sports fan who may not be considered the sharpest knife in the drawer. Down on the comments sections which are not often allowed at Ground Graun normally these days they are infested with the well nurtured Graun’s Home Grown Trolls, or Trolleys as I like to think of them. It appears things have gone a little south of Langley lately.

The recent Russia bashing dog and pony show which kicked off around the CIA inspired FBI managed FIFA affair. To the Man from L.A.N.G.L.E the Graun loves to say yes! So it comes as no surprise that they should go along with such a stupidly contrived scenario by blaming corruption and fraud on Putin and the Russian’s for winning the chance to host the 2018 World Cup. Especially when everyone knows football is inherently corrupt and FIFA is even more so. So this as well as with the doping ban fiasco meme we can clearly see its the beginning of the poodle running season at Langley Farm. So let’s go back a little for now, remember the Sochi Olympics which had their dose of US holier than thou abstentionism followed by a CIA orchestrated Coup sorry, “Colour Revolution” in Ukraine. All cheered on by the Guardinista hacks as the new “liberal” corporate media mouthpiece for Washington group think. Amazingly instead of blaming the real instigators, the US government, they blamed it on Russia’s president Putin, even old Auntie Beeb managed initially to report that the Neo Nazi Azov were busy wreaking havoc in the streets of Kiev with their dubious fascist links to the antics of John McCain and Vicky “Toria” Nuland and her shake and bake Maidan mantra. I can’t help wondering when, why or how the Rio Olympics will be used to kick off some other CIA terror ops? Something must be in the pipeline it’s only a matter of time especially when the contract for the security at the games managed to be awarded to an Israeli company. Clearly Mossad will be running around somewhere, let the games commence…

This summer there has also been more sport hysteria in the Graun as elsewhere in the WMSM, remember The European Cup and the Russian football fans? How we were told they were really FSB trained agents sent to France on some kind mission to wreak havoc among the touchy feely Brexit British fans? So baring this in mind let’s skip on to the so called “Doping Scandal” which truly took a dope to believe it as cheating, fixing and fraud have been central to sporting activity since, well since forever. If you don’t believe me ask any bookie! In this further case there was a report especially chased out of the starting blocks and unfortunately solely based on the say so of two Russian culprits who the Russian’s were looking to prosecute for fixing and fraud in athletics at home. They suddenly decided to holiday stateside and turn Uncle Sam’s witness as bonafide whistle-blowers, which had nothing to do with saving their own skins at home. Don’t be silly? Well I suppose it is the silly season… So what does this shows us that the capacity for critical thinking of the average Team GB sports fan or Graun hack maybe somewhat limited in not grasping this piece of sporting chicanery? Such minor observations which the Graun seems to regard as, well, irrelevant. So they happily went along with the call for total ban for all Russian Athletes, undoubtedly after a phone call from down Langley way and the ruckus fanned by the Graun’s hacks and home grown Trolls is still rumbling on.

Within all this sporting madness let’s not forget the strange case of Maria Sharapova, a Russian living in America, who fell afoul of the US/CIA/FBI incessant interference in anything to do with Russia and sport? She said she was taking the drug Meldonium before it was banned and for health reasons, on the advice of her doctor over a 10-year period. But the tribunal found that while she did not intentionally contravene anti-doping rules, Sharapova was responsible for the substance being in her system at the Australian Open, and for failing to notice that it had been added to the banned list one month earlier in January. So she was banned anyway, but has continued to be backed by her sponsors who appear to believe it was all a set-up.

And there’s the smiley one, Natalie Nougayrède, whose grip on reality is so tenuous that even the usual army of Putin hating Guardio trolleys if allowed off the leash seem to steer clear of commenting on her outrageous claims. She wrote the other day that “…as Russia’s bombers hammer Aleppo’s besieged population in what could be the most decisive battle of Syria’s civil war [my emphasis added], consider this as another piece to the puzzle of Putin’s mind” A total fabrication of the facts about Syria supplemented with her ingrained hatred/racism for anything Putin/ Russian. The battle for Aleppo where the opposite is the case, where civilians are being bombed by the US armed oh so very moderate opposition head chopping Jihadists, but it gets published in the Graun anyway. But Natalie has not gone to Syria to report on it, some might say to put her own neck where her mouth is. Well that would be really silly wouldn’t it even she clearly knows that these moderate non-jihadist types are prone to a little sabre rattling!

But if you really want to witness the full force of Guardian abuse and racism just make your way to the Olympic Games comments and there you will find that the mods don’t give a dam when someone is criticizing Russia with whatever idiotic thing they may choose to say. Yet as we have witnessed many commenters’ have been moderated and banned from the Graun not for being abusive but for criticising their editorial regurgitation of Washington produced blatant misinformation. We might be forgiven for expecting that the hacks at the Graun could manage to cobble together some kind of balanced narrative about Russia, Putin etc., but they now don’t even both with that. Luke Harding’s Putin in the Panama Papers was a perfect example of the faked news which is churned out without a care for its validity. There was no connection between him and the western run and organised tax haven, but why let something like the truth get in the way of salacious slander. Of course it’s not just sloppiness is it? It’s actual psyops orientated perception management at work courtesy of the Man from L.A.N.G.L.E.Y and we all know the Graun loves to say YES!.


A Very Expensive Hack Job?

Hang on a minute Graun, is this a book review I see before me, or a book you can’t sell?

I wrote a month ago that Luke Harding’s “A Very Expensive Poison” was basically a hack job. Totally bogus and based on no provable facts whatsoever, in other words a fiction and a rehash of previously peddled lies and miss information. Now it appears that someone at the Graun actually agrees!

However they aren’t quite so up front about it with the splash headline which boasts…

“A Very Expensive Poison by Luke Harding – a dramatic account of Litvinenko’s murder” – Book Plug

Sub headed,

“When Alexander Litvinenko died in a London hospital in 2006, the suggestion that Putin ordered his murder seemed outlandish. Now it appears probable. This book tells a racy story”

– Up front prominently placed Putin slur and a further book plug

The Graun’s own Troll Factory?

Hmm Graun what’s going on because the author of the piece actually doesn’t like the book. Are you not breaching your own guidelines here Graun, by trolling the facts and misrepresenting the truth? It would appear so! As you read through the rather confused piece it takes on a love Luke, hate Luke angle, mirroring the increasingly schizoid approach to all things Russian in the “mag-rag” per ce. The first half appears to have been given the treatment by a sub to plug Harding’s book, with the authors actual critical piece tagged on the end! Maybe by mistake, it could appear so, either way it makes for terrible journalism, what is a reader expected to believe?  Obviously nothing printed at the Graun.

When the author finally gets to critique the book we find a rather scathing account emerging of Master Luke, referring to him as “Harding” and daring to criticise his penmanship.

“Instead of a diabolical plot, it has a mess of intentions and delegated responsibilities; instead of villains, it features buffoons; instead of master plans, it has muck, which Harding calls “improvisation”.

She clearly thinks his style is rather, well, melodramatic and accuses him of trying to pump up the tale.

“Translated into less racy language, this passage would read: “Radioactive evidence tells us that there was an unsuccessful attempt at murder by polonium.”

Then she reveals that Harding’s book is really a hotchpotch of the discredited Owen Inquiry plus the addition of something akin to Hardianesque outtakes.

“The first half of the book is based on evidence and testimony presented during last year’s inquiry. But around page 240, Harding runs out of material culled from the inquiry and turns to other stories, ones he appears to have reported on for the Guardian in the last few years.”

I’m left wondering why this actually appeared; many have had their accounts suspended at the Graun for less!

By the way it’s still a heavily discounted book which appears not to be selling. I wonder why?

I don’t recommend reading Masha Geesen’s stuff if you want a balanced view on Russia, but was intrigued by her negativity towards Harding in this piece.

End free speech and save the minorities! (will anyone really fall for this?)

A brilliant repost to the Graun’s hand wringing analysis of what it seems to regard as it’s own Frankenstein’s monster.


by Blackcatte

The Establishment loves us and only wants to help The Establishment loves us and only wants to help

The current – and frankly bizarre even by recent standards – Guardian campaign “the web we want” seems to be driven by two main agendas. The first, and probably the major one is the long-simmering plan to “regulate” (i.e. control and censor) free speech on the Web. That the Graun’s effort is part of a co-ordinated new offensive in that department is pretty conclusively illustrated by the fact the ex minister for “equality”, Maria Miller delivered her own diatribe agains the “problem” of internet “abuse” just days after the Guardian’s new campaign took off. The similarity between her invective and that employed by the Guardian’s tame journos puts it beyond question that this is an Establishment-wide move. A concerted plan to use exaggerated claims of “abuse” and its alleged impact on minorities, to mobilise well-meaning liberals in support of…

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Holier Than Thou: The Guardian View on The Panama Papers

Excellent piece sums up some interesting information. Find more links here.


by Frank

Capture of the Guardian's totally accidentally misleading headline.

We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” Leona Hemsley, American business woman and socialite 2007

The revelations contained in the Panama Papers are nothing new, except perhaps the scale of the problem. Even back in 2012 we had the tax scandal of the Barclay Bros, British media tycoons and proprietors of the Telegraph Media group, who lived the high life avoiding tax payments in the UK tax havens in the Channel Islands and also spending their time in Monaco, another tax haven.

Then in 2014 there was the case of right-wing US billionaires the Koch Bros. A leak of confidential documents expands the list of big companies seeking secret tax deals in Luxembourg, exposing tax-saving manoeuvres by American entertainment icon The Walt Disney Co., politically controversial Koch Industries Inc. and 33 other companies.

Disney and Koch Industries, a U.S.-based energy and chemical conglomerate, both created…

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Of Smoke and Mirrors

New Picture


Seeing is not necessarily believing


While the Cobbler of of Panama was dishing the dirt in the Guardian for his handlers the real deal was going down elsewhere. In a classic illusionist trick the great game changes direction. In this piece by Phil Butler  for NEO you will find a significant precursor to the smear campaign launched by the WMSM against Putin. In this deceptive action a more than feeble attempt to connect the President of Russia with a set of exposed fraudsters, the real action had taken place days before when Kerry visited Putin in Moscow. The reason for the visit, to concede Russia had won the Mid-east strategic game, but that the US still had its [NATO] hand to play in Europe and Eastern Europe.

The Cobbler of Panama

An investigative journalist’s scoop or further narratives from the “Troll Master”?


Once more Luke Harding, the punk plagiarist, bends credibility in an alleged scoop which turns out to be nothing more than a red herring. The Guardian has had a long running war of attrition against its own readers critical of their reporting of Putin and anything Russian. Enough to say that in the documents, dubbed “The Panama Papers”, which so far reveal links to 72 current or former heads of state, their investigative hack Harding can only see links to Putin. When there are, you guessed it, no links to Putin at all!

So much so that they find it necessary to include several disclaimers being wary that they may incur legal action considering this latest attempt to smear and discredit the President of Russia e.g. “It is not illegal to use offshore companies, but the layers of secrecy involved can make transactions suspicious”. All of which is clearly reminiscent of the kind of verbal gymnastics which were used to try to breathe some credibility into the discredited Owen Inquiry. So it’s no surprise that the Cobbler of Panama Harding was involved in that journalistic travesty and even managed to spin a rather underwhelming book from it.

The documents so far analysed, in reality show how, Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, has helped clients launder money, dodge sanctions and evade tax, although the company points out that it has never been charged with any criminal act and insists it has acted beyond reproach. Nothing surprising here then, where the ubber rich try to evade tax by keeping their booty well hidden.

Even the Daily Mail highlights the fact that among the British investors named in the documents was the late Ian Cameron, stockbroker and father of the prime minister. The paper says David Cameron will now come under “intense pressure” to abolish all the UK’s tax havens. Something of real importance that the “Troll Master” Harding completely misses. I mean the British public and even remaining Guardian readers, might be more interested in this tangible link rather than more paranoid spin from their resident spook. Other people named in the massive data release include,  Lord Ashcroft, Baroness Pamela Sharples and former Tory MP Michael Mates, but you’d have to look elsewhere to find out these facts. Whatever is going on at the Guardian these days one can only imagine, but it seems that their whole editorial credibility is now being run through the shredder for the sake of achieving some anti-Putin spin. Who is paying for this propaganda?

One current leader, Iceland’s prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, is facing calls to resign, the Guardian reports, over claims he hid millions of dollars of investments in his country’s banks behind an offshore company. However they think this actual link is secondary to the fanciful claims of Harding. The sole claim that President Putin’s name does not appear in any of the records, but that a “network of offshore deals and loans” have made members of his inner circles “fabulously wealthy”, seems to completely ignore the fact that there is a direct trail to the UK Prime Minister Cameron.

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